18 November 2010
Happy best ( i hope ) birthday BABY!!!!

SO another year has come & gone for the most perfect awesome cute & amazing guy EVER!!!! We started off the special day with something that any special day can't go with out.....lol, i know what ur thinking....but in real life it was P90X for me...of course, & WoW for Arthur, after bfast in bed, which Jaime happily reminded me of at an hour that no good person should ever have to be awake at. Then we went out shopping with Jaime, to get some new clothes for Arthur & somehow Jaime ended up with a new dress as well...that conniving little thing. Then followed an hour or so of me making a sweet Wow shield for Arthur's bday cake, though it did look waay better in my head than on the plate, but he liked it so it was for the win. Then came the Cattle Baron......duuuuude........ribs........yummmmmm.......seriously I'm not a fan of ribs but a bite off my dad's plate of smokey bbq jack Daniels fall off the bone ribs and I'm a believer. In case ur a bit lost the Cattle Baron is a great fancy steakhouse, hence the cowboy outfits, that we all went to for dinner, after i put on as many layers as possible & still had to keep my jacket on the whole time. Definitely i am the worst Canadian ever. Anyways we had an awesome day & it's all thanks to you, Baby, for being here & being the best everything......seriously
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10 November 2010

random pic from our 3rd yr anniversary....

Well if i haven't said it b4 i definately need to read the manual 4 our new camera. It's so awesome & has waaay too many buttons & stuff on it for just everyday Priya photo taking. Anyways Halloween was awesome this year. In the morning I took Jaime to the mall near to our house to trick or treat. She wanted to be Cinderella, but i knew it would be too cold for that night so in my good swindling skills I got her to agree on being Cinderella in the mall & tigger for that night. Anyways the mall was full of kids, many waay too old to be pushing little kids aside to get to the candy first, but after an hour of that I took her to the community center for stories, crafts, games, & a haunted house which i regreted taking Jaime into, little too scary. Later on that night Jaime & her best friend Kai, went trick or treating in the most gorgeous neighborhood on the lake. Me & Wiggy froze into oblivion, but the girls had so much fun running around to all the decorated houses & getting enough candy to start our own store. Jaime was the most polite & adorable little thing ever, if she had come to my house i would have just given her my whole stash.
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20 October 2010
After a looooong time

it's been waaaaaaaaaaaay too long since I've posted anything, but now with r new awesome spaceage camera that we got ourselves 4 r 3rd yr anniversary, which is today, thank you very much, i hope to be better at posting.... so basically in the past few months we've had a lot going on, though really who doesn't, Arthur got & quit a mechanics job in Banff, which was just waaaaay too far to drive to & from everyday. I started my doula training & i hope to be fully certified in a yr. I have a huge training workshop in Nov from the 12th to the 14th & I'm kinda excited bout the whole thing. I just need to do my 3 first births which the doctors will rate me & then it's alllllll the boring stuff like essays & paperwork & such. Our newest rave is to move to California & I'm gonna set up a bakery there, but that'll be in 5 yrs or so, but hey u gotta have dreams right? So I know this post is waaay to in-cohesivebut i will leave you with that cute pic of my little princess & a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOST SUPERHUMAN SIS TARA!!!!! Tar i love you soo much & pray for everyday. I know you have an insane amount on ur plate & somehow u still manage to be amazing at it all. I hope you have the best birthday.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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03 September 2010
a new favorite
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19 July 2010
do i not post or what

wow i just got on here since the last time i posted & ya dude do i never post. oh well my online life is at a minus but besides that we're all doing uber awesome. i dyed my hair really dark blue it looked black & i thought it was sick, but apparently my hair didnt agree & as such decided to turn itself dark brownish with streaks after a month or so...ugh can't have streaks. for me chicks who get streaks are like ppl who want a tattoo & get a little heart on their ankle or something fruity like that...anyways enough about random stuff. we went to the stampede which was wicked & me & wiggy went on a ride that proved to me it is possible to have my heart come out my mouth & on fri we might drive to red deer to see marianas trench live..sweeet well close to it. anyways i've been discovering calgary more & found some cool places
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16 June 2010

just some random pics of jaime recently
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12 May 2010
may things

I love this picture...my dad's trying to defend his pie.
Me & Jaime made him a Montreal Canadians pie.
Jaime-"So Grandpa we made you a birthday pie for you to share with me." I love her unselfishness

On Mother's Day Jaime woke me & Arthur up with a tray full of tea set breakfast & her favorite stuffed animal for my present it was the sweetest thing. I was working that whole weekend, but Arthur took me out for dinner for real food on my next day off & surprised me with a fondue set. Thanks Babe for the best mother's day ever. xxxx

so cute & tiny.... Cheryl Jeanne & Ciel Carmen......Jeanne is my mom's second name & Carmen is Kanu's mom's name. Tara, I'm sorry I said I wasn't a fan of their names, I know it's not my place. I guess i just liked the taste of my my foot so much that i just had to put it back in my mouth. I love you & I hope you're not too pissed at me.
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21 April 2010
the zoo & stuff

I took Jaime to the Calgary zoo with my friend, Bruce & his son Aiden. Jaime wasn't interested enough in the animals to stay looking at them for more than a minute so i didnt get any good pics, but we had fun & of course ended it with her favorite part- ice cream. I've been working 6 days a week & sometimes 12 hrs a day, so my one day off has been nuts at home trying to get done all those things i dont get to the rest of the week. Anyways it's been uber warm here but tomorrow or the next day it's spossed to snow so I'm trying to soak in some sun before it takes off. Other news my sister Tara HAD TWIN GIRLS!!!!! they are so tiny & the sweetest things ever. Tara, I love you soooooo much & I'm sorry I havent called you yet. I'm gonna today I swear. I'm so proud of you & you are the perfect super mom & tops in my books. xxxxxxxxxx
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30 March 2010
To be continued

This will probably be the first of many rare & random blog posts as I am now working 6 days a week & there always seems to be so many more pressing things to do than blog but such is life. Jaime finished her dance class lessons & me & Arthur went to see her finale thing. She was sooooooooo adorable ( though she always manages to make the most hideous faces when i pull out a camera )& I'm so proud of her. I've usually head off to work about 4 & get home between 11 & midnight so I've been able to give her a good amount of school in the morning & she's working through her books really fast. Anyways other random news my brother Vijay is gone & i miss him TONS. My mom also left to Toronto to be with Tara when she has the twins. Arthur has started his mechanics school stuff & I am in the middle of eating my way through a car, well actually i think our car & Arthur would rather me eat it then take it for another test drive. well I`m posting pics so SMile & be HAPPY
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09 March 2010
March madness

well it hasnt actually been very mad, but it was busy as hell. We moved houses to a house across the city. We now have neighbours with names like sundar & rajdeep, but hey at least it always smells like indian food, & when i tell ppl my name they tell me what it means. Anyways i know that if i try to put captions under the pics they'll protest & go under all the wrong pics so I'll just summarize & say that the random pics of Jaime are her with pink hair, & with her love chart (which was my galliant effort to counter her scary meanie penie side) & her prize for finishing it. I still can't believe what a princess addict i have on my hands. Jaime got to spend some time with her godfather on his birthday (which to normal ppl meant going out & getting fries & chocolate milkshake.) They have this slightly strange shooting names which involves blocks & pews. All i know is that somehow 3/4's of a pew is enough to confuse the life out of jaime's brain. We went out to watch Alice in wonderland 3D for Vijay's birthday. My first film in 3D. I was swatting everything with my hands & stuff. What a sick movie to watch 3D. I made an orange chocolate chip cheesecake for his birthday & hot wings & stuff. Me & Vijay have started training MMA more of that to follow...stay posted for the major injury which is definatly inevitable. Jaime also has been going to dance class. Who ever has a cute kid & has out them in dance class knows how over adorable it is. I got shit pics of it so far but i'll post more when i get them...though i really know nobody cares...anyways i gtg & I'll end this with saying, Vijay I bet you'll never actually read this cuz i bet u dont even know i have a blog, but i love you soooooooo much & I'm so glad you've been here, sorry it sucks for u. I'm glad u like the tap out stuff we got u ( in the pic) & i hope you find the happiness & love & fulfillment & all that stuf ur looking for. Ur the best & i love u..HAppy Birthday
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